About Johan

Hi There!

I’m going to give a background about who I am and how my health has developed to what my current health status is,

To Date, I Have Struggled With My Health

As mentioned earlier, my health as a kid was not very good. From an early age, I was getting epileptic seizures because of my poor nutritional diet. From the age of about eleven years after I started eating more vegetables my health improved and the seizures started to become lesser and eventually disappeared.

What I have learned through the years is that your health is connected to your genetic makeup. The only thing that you can do is manage your health by eating the correct food and supplementing your diet with the nutrients that your body needs for better health.

Healthy Food

I Want to Share my Story to Help Others Who Struggle with the Same Health issues

You only discover the value of your health when you realize that you have lost it. My goal is to share as much knowledge to help others to live healthier.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing knowledge that can better the lives of other people. My background as an Agricultural Extension Officer in the Western Cape Government and my exposure to different communities equipped me with the knowledge and skills to easily engage and connect with people.

In my early 30s, I started having trouble with high blood pressure. I was using medication for about 12 years when it started to get worse until I was diagnosed with a malignant (cancerous) mass on one of my kidneys. My left kidney has been removed in May 2012. After the removal of my left kidney, my blood pressure stabilized again. What I have learned from this, near-death encounter was that a non-functional kidney can definitely interfere with your blood pressure.

I’m currently starting this blogging business and want to invest in my health by helping myself and others to learn from my health journey and by doing the right things and looking after our health.


The Goal of this Website is to Help People Identify The Early Warning Signs of Bad Health

My goal is to help people to identify the early signs of health problems and to act swiftly. It’s also good to ask questions and ask for a second opinion from different health professionals.

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